Sunday, March 20, 2011

I wish I knew my neighbourhood.

It was a beautiful evening yesterday and I was home before it got dark, so I had no excuse to put off going for a run. I figured I had driven in the general area of my neighbourhood enough times that I knew the streets and the looks of the roads enough that I could map out a run-route in my head and be okay. I was mistaken.

It all started out well, just jogging down the street until I came up to a side street and decided to turn down it. Blasting my music and not paying attention led me to turn down a street that was actually a San Francisco-style street that was completely vertical. But I was too proud to turn around and try the next street, so up the enormous I climb. Slash LUNGE up. Yes, I felt that I was good enough to lunge up this hill. I wasn't, and my legs are paying for it today. It was the longest lunge-walk of my life. Neverending, if you will. I could see the top, but it wasn't getting any closer.

Finally the top. And a street that I knew! Bonus. So off I go jogging down the familiar street, thinking that since I just climbed Mount Everest to get here, one of the next side streets MUST go downhill, directly to my front door. No such luck. I turned down another side street that did go downhill, but curved around to the opposite direction of where I needed to be going. Still convinced that I'm going to recognize SOMETHING that looks familiar (because I'm currently jogging on a street I've never been on in my life), I keep going. Until it gets dusky. Great, now I need to be home soon so I don't get mugged, and I have no idea where I am. Too embarassed to just turn around and head in the direction I came from, I do the following:

Cross the street to a cul-de-sac, run the perimeter of said cul-de-sac (as though it was my plan all along), cross the street back to the side I came from, and start running in the direction I came from, which is now uphill again.

It was comforting knowing that I at least knew where I was going this time, but as I come back to the top of Mount Everest I can't even walk down it because it's so steep. So I end up practically running down it anyway. I reach the bottom of the hill and 10 minutes later I return home, as it's almost dark out. I'm safe like that.

I barely had the front door closed and I beelined to the kitchen to devour 36 4 cookie dough truffles. The run made that okay.

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  1. Laughing so hard!! I know exactly what hill you're talking about!