Thursday, April 28, 2011

If you're going to Penticton, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

I suppose I should update you all on how my absolutelyfantasticIneedtoleaverightaway vacation went. It. Was. Awesome. In a nutshell, I'm moving back. Not tomorrow. Not next month. Probably not even the month after that. But I am doing it. I may or may not have even started perusing ads for places to rent when I do move there [not tomorrow]. I packed completely inappropriately because since there was still frost on my car every morning here, I assumed it would be just as chilly there. I was wrong. It was too warm to wear any of the 65 hoodies I brought, so I wore my Lulu capris all weekend. Except Sunday I fancied it up for Easter dinner with 20 distant relatives by wearing jeggings. Stretchy fabric is the way to go. Always.

I also may have decided over the weekend that my next vehicle is going to be an SUV. Not an obnoxious one. A cute, girly Honda CRV like my momma's. I got used to driving it everywhere anybody needed to go (including home) because the kind policeman reminded momma that her license expired three days prior on her birthday (even though she claimed to have changed her birthday this year to June because she wasn't feeling up to celebrating at the time of her actual birthday). I also learned that backseat drivers make me want to kill anything that crosses my path. Even momma. Here's a snippet of a conversation had approximately 15 minutes into driving home:

Momma: You're going too fast.
Me: slows down.
Momma: The guy behind you wants to pass you.
Me: I know, but there's someone beside me.
Momma: Don't pass yet, there's someone beside you.
Me: inhales, counts to ten.
Momma: Okay, you can move over now.
Me: moves over.
Momma: Slow down to 120.
Me: slows down to 120.
Momma: This is the perfect speed. Keep going this speed.
Momma: Well I just get nervous when I'm not the one driving.

She wanted her license to be renewed so badly that she made me drive by the access centre when we got home just in case it was open on Easter Monday. It wasn't. I was right. It's not important.

So her car was so fantastic to drive I told her I'd like to buy it, since she spent the drive home analyzing every truck we saw because she's decided she wants a truck now. She didn't say 'no', so let's assume that means 'yes'. I've learned a lot of assumption lessons, so maybe let's not do that. But I feel like that's what I want my next vehicle to be.

Anyway, back to my trip. I got to cook a lot and play a lot of games and blow a lot of bubbles with nephew (and by blow a lot of bubbles I mean get bubble solution in my hair because it was windy in every direction so blowing bubbles was probably not the most ideal activity) and got to cling to g-pa, just as planned. We had a pretty solid heart-to-heart one night, which is really all I wanted out of the trip. The nice weather and living-in-luon was a bonus. I actually always live in luon, so that was normal, they just got to be shorter pants because it was warm, that was the bonus.

There was a photo shoot with the family. I'm curious to see how those turned out.

There was a lot of whining done by nephew. Good thing he's cute.

There were Easter gifts. I now feel pressure to make endless amounts of cupcakes.

There was arguing and laughing and competitiveness. No one in my family should be allowed to play games.

It was a very quick three days, but it was also a very quick drive to get there. So I predict I will be spending a significant more amount of time there. I should get used to the city I plan on living in anyway. It only makes sense.

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