Thursday, May 5, 2011

There's nothing hilarious about this weather.

Remember a few months ago when I was obsessed with this blog? My few and far between posts may not have given that impression, but I talked about it all the time. To one person. You know who you are. My lack of internet proves a hindrance to blogging 24/7, so I used to microblog on my phone with random ideas of something to write about for my next post, the next time I was around an internet connection (aka work). But then that slowly dwindled away due to obsessions of other things, like sleep. Now it's come to the point of me sitting, staring at a computer screen willing an idea to come to me. And that led to me being depressed about the lack of excitement in my life. I could go on and on and on about work (boring), or my obsession with food (not interesting to those NOT possessing a similar obsession), or I could find numerous things to complain about (which, trust me, is annoying, then no one would read my blog and that would depress me more than not having anything to write about). So, in light of this tremendously gorgeous weather we're experiencing here in the Fraser Valley, I'm going to talk about summer!

I'm stoked for the summer. Well, assuming we actually get weather that resembles something to do with summer. I'm no longer interested in this rain slash cold slash wrecking-of-my-hair weather. Currently at work (between both jobs) I have a set schedule, which makes planning a whole lot easier in terms of weekends away and drinking of pepperoni caesars. I've made a pretty decent impact on my new car fund, which makes driving to other country's to see fellow Contiki friends a whole lot easier (next month, K, next month). Roomie and I are 98% seriously considering a trip to Vegas because it doesn't make sense not to go because it costs like, $30. In saying this, I hope I return safely, with no criminal charges because I'm afraid of roomie's capabilities when it comes to legalized drinking in the streets with $1 margaritas in hand. Just in case, one of you guys will bail me out of jail though, right? And lastly, since apparently everyone I know has never been to Penticton, and since I've recently developed an obsession with the place, I feel as though weekend trips there are completely necessary, even if for attempts to make other people obsessed like I am.

Now I just need my tattoo to heal so I can start tanning again without fear of it fading to nothingnness, then I'll look like I belong in Penticton (nobody likes a pasty, white visitor from the west coast). And I need it to stop raining so I can start running outside again (running in a gym is bor-ing) and be physically prepared to walk around Vegas in July in 57 degree weather. And I need my money tree to start sprouting so I can purchase my new vehicle and actually do all of these rad summer 2011 plans. For now I suppose I'll continue sitting at my desk, sipping my iced coffee, and anticipate the day when I don't need the heater under my chair and don't have to wear 36 layers of clothing to stay warm.

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  1. My flight is scheduled to arrive June 27th!!!! And you with then have an amazing friend in a very cool city south of the border!!! Woo hoo weekend road trips! I did tell you I will be unemployed for 4 months so I am free all of the time right? Can I come to Vegas??? I needs friends, haha!