Monday, July 11, 2011

Eight dollar boxsets are the best way to pass time.

Am I really SO busy that I haven't had time to write a post in over a month? I didn't think so. In fact, looking back, I haven't done anything particularly time-consuming. I want the time back. Oh wait. I've become obsessed with Degrassi Junior High slash High. We probably all know by now that when I decide to do something I go full force. So when I see seasons 1-3 of DJH (ya, I'm cool like that, acronyming [a new word for y'all] the name of the show AND school) for $8 each I buy them, of course. Then I watch them, non-stop, in every spare second of time I have. I track down someone who owns seasons 4 & 5, with the MOVIE included (uhh yes, there IS a movie), and continue to watch it. This is probably partially because I'm completely obsessed with Wheels (the guy I would TOTALLY have the biggest crush on if I were attending DJH) and must watch him as much as possible (I've almost managed to move past the fact that his jeans leave absolutely nothing to the imagination and that he sports a mullet ponytail once he enters high school in season 4), and partially because I cannot walk into Wal-Mart and leave empty-handed. Instead I leave with multiple DVD boxsets. Every. Time. So now I have a billion shows to watch, and it gives me an anxiety attack to think that I could ever begin to watch anything while in the middle of watching something else. Alas, I finish Degrassi, and move on from there.

Except there's that movie. The movie that people are afraid for me to watch because everyone I speak to knows of my current love for Wheels and something must happen involving him in the movie because everyone avoids talking about the movie around me. The movie that may make it so I can't actually watch anything else ever because I'll feel as though it were real-life events, and that I was involved somehow. Always full force, people. How come I've never seen this movie? It might have something to do with the fact that I was 8 years old when it aired on TV, so I may not have understood these wildly outrageous, taboo topics the show deals with. Or it's because I was too busy playing with my 'Precious Places' dollhouses. Does anyone remember those? Because everyone I ask never does. I'm beginning to think that I've made these up my entire life.

Anywho, it's this crazy Degrassi show that has taken up my time. Blame that. I won't mention that as I spent 8 hours making my nephew's birthday cake this weekend I secretly wished I was watching Degrassi instead. Or that I contemplated how I could rearrange the furniture so:

A) I could see the TV from the kitchen, and
B) Roomie wouldn't notice.

Or that I revolved my errands, schoolwork, need for groceries, etc around watching it. Priorities, people. Did I live on IGA deli convenience food and iced coffee for the past however long? Maybe. Does my bank account hate me because I ordered pizza to rush home and eat while watching it because that's what they eat on the show? Maybe. Do I obsessively IMDB and Google random facts about the show and it's characters while I watch it so I can know EVERYTHING there is to know about everything to do with the show? Maybe. Am I completely giving away how cool I am by sharing such secrets? Absolutely. No judging allowed here, friends. Even though you will anyway.

Sidenote: Does anybody want to come with me to Toronto to see Degrassi landmarks? The only requirements are that you patiently deal with my squeals of excitement and hyperventilating when I see the school or the Shoppers Drug Mart from select scenes.

I think the best part of the show...umm, ok, one of the best parts of the show since there's too many to that it's Canadian. So when Michelle's parents split up and her mom moves to Calgary, that's cool. Or when I stalk find out that Yick currently lives in Vancouver, that's cool. I wish it was Wheels that lived in Vancouver, but whatever. Or how about when Wheels gets a postcard in one episode and they leave the address visible and I look it up to see if they use real addresses in the [fictional] show. It turns out they do. Not like 1882 Girard Street in Full House. That's not real. And I KNOW the house Wheels lives in in the show is not his real, current address. D'uh. But when I go to Toronto for my Degrassi landmark hunt I will probably want to take a stroll by that particular address. Only probably. If I have time.

And now that I've made you all think that I'm psychotic beyond just being obsessed, I should probably mention that I'm not. Not psychotic, that is. Obsessed, yes. But we all know my obsessions are never forever. I'll find something new to obsess about soon enough. Then you'll all hear about it for an undetermined amount of time. I hope next time it's something more people can relate to. Degrassi was watched by approximately 13 people, so it's hard to find someone who understands. Kind of like 'Precious Places'.

That reminds me, for all of you people who adore being nostalgic like me, go to Neither Degrassi OR 'Precious Places' is on the site, BUT it's filled with hundreds of other fun stuff from the 90's. It makes me want to be little again. And feel kind of like I did when I saw sparkle cherry laffy taffy at a gas station yesterday. But I was only allowed to choose one thing, so it was kind of like I was little again. Except I chose a Wunderbar instead.

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  1. If your next obsession is Harry Potter, I will gladly relate to you. And instead of 13 people knowing what you're talking about, 9823749082739847129837419283 million awesome people will know all about HP. Just a suggestion.