Thursday, February 3, 2011

A blog?

I'm not a writer. But I have a wicked sense of humor. Nothing serious ever comes out of my mouth, and that is the first thing you should know about me. My life should be a reality show, and the thought of pitching that idea has crossed my mind more than once. Or ten times. Or a hundred. Ok, daily. I've learned to laugh at absolutely everything, always. You get but one life, why spend it being angry, or embarassed, or annoyed, or anything but happy and thankful?

I know how to talk. And I know how to vent. Is that what a blog is for? That's what mine is for. The most insane things happen to me everyday, and I need to document these things. I usually have a partner in crime for most things I do, but sometimes I'm completely alone and frantically looking around thinking, "someone HAS to have seen that!!!!" Now I can write about those things.

Some of my favorite people have blogs. I'm supes jealsy and somewhat of a follower, so here's MY blog. I hope everyone enjoys it. If I make you smile, I've done my job :)

A. xoxo (Gossip Girl reference, I'm bringing it in. Krista supports my efforts.)


  1. I totally support your efforts! I can't wait to have another blog to follow and to distract me from work :)


  2. I'm excited to hear you vent in real life, and read you vent in fake life.