Sunday, February 6, 2011

Drilling...or hammering, same thing.

IKEA is the best. $1.49 for a curtain rod? How perfect since there is a gaping hole in our living room blinds that I'm positive people are creeping into at all times, so putting up some curtains (which I actually already possess) would fix that problem. And $1.49 is cheaper than new blinds. This curtain rod contains 5 pieces, so it can't be that hard to put up. I memorize what the display one looks like and set off to put up curtains.

Next scene:

I furiously unwrap the plastic because I'm so excited to have surprise curtains up for when the roomie gets home, and I only have half an hour to do so. One day I promise I'll learn that what appears an easy breezy task for the majority of people, means that it'll take 4 times that long for me to accomplish it. There's 2 screws. There's no drill. Oh, but I have nails that will work, as well as a hammer. Problem solved. Or so I thought.
I eyeball the measurements because of course I don't have a tape measure (fyi, a piece of paper works the same) and start nailing in the brackets. The first one is perfect. The second one, well, I'm pretty sure I nailed it into cement, because it was hard to get in, and harder to get out. And by harder to get out, I mean impossible. Ok, let's try placing the rod on the brackets, just to see. *Actual laughing out loud* The rod is the same length as the distance between the brackets, therefore being about a centimentre too short on either side to sit on the brackets properly.
So I set out to take the brackets off the wall to move them a bit closer to each other. The second bracket isn't budging. Might I add, I'm also on an angle, standing on a cushy ottoman (the chair was way too far away to bring over to have something sturdy to stand on), and completely terrified of dropping the hammer on my TV. I look at the time, it's time to pick up the birthday girl for an evening of bowling and Denny's, so I have to go. I quickly text roomie to ignore my half attempt at installing a curtain rod, and rush out the door. (Later to realize that if I don't look at the curtain rod on the couch, that means it doesn't exist, because I'm bored of this task now)

I'm tempted to return the curtain rod. Not for the $1.49 (even though that would buy me 3 hot dogs at IKEA, which is 100% worth it in itself), but because attempting to install it has made me want to purchase and possess my own drill. That terrifies me. So let me know if you see any good sales on a drill, because apparently I don't know how to buy anything that only requires a simple hammer and nails. Oh yes, this isn't the first time this has happened to me.

Maybe I'll get a tape measure while I'm at it.


  1. ohemgee. me and ross died laughing at you. ross says he can help you find a drill, but you have to be his friend. or he could actually put it up for you..IF you didnt return it! lol.

  2. Just get yourself a man with a drill. It's cheaper and funner.