Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free garlic.

I almost left class early this morning because I was craving salsa so bad. Not jarred salsa, the kind I make. With 28 red onions and 65 cloves of GARLIC. I eat it when I want people to stay away from me. And I work tonight. I wonder if those 2 go hand in hand...

So I race to the grocery store after class, run around like a crazy person grabbing all the ingredients and sneak into a cashier's line that no one else is in. Even though there's a line-up at the one other till that's open. I hate people so much. Beep, beep, beep, be...wait, $1.50 for a head of garlic? No way.

A: "Umm, I think garlic is supposed to be 99 cents"
Cashier: "Ohhhh...well...I'll have to call for a price check..." *secretly thinking "please say 'don't worry about it...'"
A: "Ok" *continues texting*
*3 minutes later (no exaggeration) the manager shows up*

There was no conversing that happened here except the odd mutter out of the manager's mouth walking herself through this procedure because, yes, she had to come to the till, void the first garlic, put it in again, put in the correct price, and void it out again. There were a lot of minus signs on the screen, but having been a cashier for 6.5 years I could follow it pretty well. Not like the technologically-impaired who need you to go slow and explain everything as you do it instead of waiting until the receipt prints out so you can show them. If you ever don't understand, please wait until the receipt prints out. The cashier appreciates it.

So, I ended up getting my garlic for free. But wait, not before the manager asks me for my name and PHONE NUMBER because of the...void? The re-ringing in? The second void? IS ANY OF THIS MY FAULT? All I want is my salsa.

I get home and see I have approximately 34 cloves in the kitchen.


  1. I am reading this as I am eating SALSA! I have not had chips and salsa for months. I think we are kindred spirits :)