Thursday, March 10, 2011

I don't know life without food.

Look at that. Another post about food. I can't decide if my recent food posts are due to me not consuming, on a majorly regular basis, the foods I adore to the moon and back (ahem, bacon), or if it's due to how I've spent the past 3 days reading a newly discovered blog about food.

Let's start with the blog I found. I pretty regularly stalk people on Facebook, and one of my friends had a link for this recipe for stuffed peppers. I actually despise stuffed peppers, but these sounded good, and I'm in a rut of boredom of the food choices I have (re: lifestyle change), so I clicked the link. It led me to the web-meeting of my kindred spirit. Please read her blog:

I've literally spent the past three days reading it. I've gotten through one full month of her archive, because she posts sometimes multiple times a day. She's better than me. Here's a recap of who she is:

She loves bacon.
She loves cheese.
She's created recipes based on cake batter-flavor.
She adores her family.
She loves pink.
She's me.

If it wasn't considered creepy to stalk her so I could meet her, I would. I'm convinced we're destined to be the best of friends.

I've eaten the same 5 meals/snacks everyday for the past 5 weeks or so. Needless to say, I'm bored and can feel myself slipping. So I needed some inspiration, and this new bff of mine gave it to me. First recipe I come across: cilantro lime white bean hummus (found here). The health lights are going off. I make it. I don't generally like hummus. It's texture isn't my favorite and I always feel like no matter now much garlic or other high-flavor additives you put in it, it always tastes bland. So I modified this recipe to my own tastes (ie: added 65 cloves of garlic, 10 cups of cilantro, half a jalapeno pepper, etc.). I still hated it. Big, wasteful fail. But I wasn't about to give up on our newfound friendship quite yet. But only because she has approximately 16 recipes for nachos. See? Kindred spirits.

I settle on making my usual, as of late, salad with my homemade croutons, some spicy chicken, and loaded with veggies and mixed greens, for my lunch the next day. Upon opening my container to eat it in class my prof comes up to me and says, and I quote, "You know, I've been in restaurants that haven't smelled as good as whatever it is you're eating here." I'm obviously a chef.

So this weekend I'm rewarding my superior culinary skills by making chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed cinnamon rolls (check it out), the recipe given to me by my new best friend. If you never hear from me again it's because I have either succumbed to extreme gluttony, or it's because I've been jailed for killing the girl in my class with three inches of cream cheese on her bagel. Why isn't it a rule that those kinds of foods should not be allowed within a 3 foot radius of my existence?

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  1. I some how feel like you are cheating on me with this new blog. I can make you baconcupakecreamcheesecreations in Ontario. Visit me!!!