Saturday, September 24, 2011

Being very productive and being very unproductive in the same day makes for the perfect balance.

I love those days when you do absolutely nothing, yet feel like you accomplished so much. Today was one of those days for me. There was a showing on the house today, so I had to be up earlier than I would have liked. And when I say I "had to be up", I really mean I didn't want strangers creeping around while I enjoyed what I deemed to be the most comfortable sleep of my life. I deem every sleep that I'm forced to awake from the "most comfortable sleep of my life". It's just the way my sleeps work. I walked into the kitchen and saw the non-perishable bags of Trader Joe's groceries that I left there from the night before since I was in the biggest rush last night to drop off my purchases, change into stretchy pants, and flee to watch one of my all-time favorite movies at one of my all-time favorite people's house. As I begin putting away my groceries I come up with the fabulous idea to organize the freezer...

I take everything out and put it on the counter. Why isn't anything frozen solid? Oh, that's because the freezer was so JAM-PACKED with food that nothing was ventilated and therefore nothing was able to freeze. NO BIG DEAL. Partially defrosted chicken is the best anyway. When did I buy a 4L tub of ice cream? Oh, that was when I MOVED IN. Gross. And chicken wings? I haven't made chicken wings in, well, almost a year. Gross. What are these green cubes in zip-loc bags? Oh right, my failed attempt at cilantro pesto. Gross. Needless to say, after I was finished with the thing it was clean, organized, and ventilated. My 14 individually packed bags of edamame beans are now easily accessible, I discovered I have enough frozen fruit to feed a small country, and I found a hidden pack of BACON! That was the BEST surprise.

After hunks of ice have fallen onto the kitchen floor and melted everywhere, I decided to mop the floor. Not just the kitchen floor, but the entire household's floors. And I did it wrong. I cornered myself so I had NO access to my bagel and was unable to get my Lipstick Jungle DVD's from my bedroom. So there might be footprints across the living room, but they're clean. As I'm mopping the bathroom floor I decide to clean the toilet. Again. I discovered the coolest toilet cleaner ever. It's foamy, it sprays on purple and turns white when it's clean, and it smells amazing [for toilet cleaner]. I'm now obsessed with cleaning the toilet. Is it weird I wish it got dirty more frequently? Or maybe it's more sane to wish I could use this cleaner for other things. Like everything.

So now my freezer is clean and organized, my bathroom's clean, and my floors are clean, and now dry, so I have access to my bagel. That I ate with pumpkin cream cheese. Best decision.

That was the productive part of my day. The next few hours consisted of lounging on the couch, eating frozen Hostess cupcakes, and watching countless episodes of Lipstick Jungle. The only thing better than eight dollar box sets is five dollar box sets.


  1. you are too funny!!